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Invention is directly connected with human creativity in technical area and scientific solutions. Different inventions serve to accomplish multiple practical tasks. Thanks to their inventions, the scientists resolve different tasks - from simple to complex. The inventions come under:

  1. Unique.
  2. Genius
  3. Incredible

In this catalog we demonstrate the inventions which are present on innovation technology market.

Such Russian inventions as:

  • Chance - high riser human saving technology
  • Metal-diamond coatings
  • Borehole pump
  • New disperse materials

The more detailed information can be found at http://conir.ru/en/izobreteniya/ .

Industrial technologies

Engineering company "OOO Industrial Solutions Group" use the following innovations in their developments:

Metallic-diamond coating which is gained with electrolyte. Patent number of this production method in Russian Federation is 2404294. This technology is considered the most effective among others.

The interest to this technology can impact on areas that realize such products as combustion chambers, valves, TNA elements, LRE components.

Laser case-hardening of metals and case-hardening equipment. This technology provides surface hermetic encapsulation without material contents and also without surface undulation and the following decoration works.


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Russian engineering company "OOO Industrial Solutions Group" has implemented projects in such areas as:
  1. Fuel energy complex
  2. Atomic Industry

More specifically:

Natural gas chemical complex which produces polyolefines for further recycling of polyethylen and polypropylene that is created by natural gas application.

Hybrid pump with linear drive - this equipment is developed for oil production in accordant to all modern claims and is used in direct, angle and horizontal boreholes.

Metal-diamond coatings, which are used in production complex focused on aplication of metal-diamond coatings in items that use nano-crystal structure. Produced in form of metallic foam.

Cavity processing - ecological processing that is implemented at energy boiling rooms and technical furnaces of different application.

The more detailed information about implemented projects can be found at http://conir.ru/en/izobreteniya/

For cooperation with our engineering company in Moscow, you can leave an application with the following link – http://conir.ru/en/sotrudnichestvo/.

About us

Our company provides new and innovative industrial solutions at technical areas in Russian Federation. We develop the industry in Russia and select quality, useful inventions. For the moment our inventions are used in many factories and have already saved big money and many human lives.

Time change, Its time for a change. Many of the most useful russian industrial inventions are not hard to plumb, all we need is to grab and expand them and it is what we do.

Our inventions are used in heavy and atomic industries. New ways to harden metallic components. New, ecologically clean ways of metal production and also soldering of suture lines.

All general information about our company can be found here: http://conir.ru/en/company/.

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